County Championships at Llanymynech 31st May – 2nd June

SHROPSHIRE LADIES’ COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 played at Llanymynech 31st May – 1st June

Fri am

First Tee Time 8.44am

8 mins intervals

1  Lucy Evans  (147)   4/3  Lucy Evans  3/2  Lucy Evans  Victoria Bradbeer  3/1  Victoria Bradbeer
16  Ros Moor  (169)
9 Bryony Smith  (161) 3/2  Bryony Smith
8 Tania Pearce  (161)
5 Gemma Thornell  (155) 6/5  Gemma Thornell  Victoria Bradbeer  5/3
12 Karen Swanston (165)
13 Isabel Green  (166)  Victoria Bradbeer  5/4
4 Victoria Bradbeer  (153) 5/4
3 Katrina Gillum  (149)  4/3  Katrina Gillum  5/4  Katrina Gillum  Helen White
14 Caroline Bickford  (167)
11 Sarah McGinley  (164)  19th  Sarah McGinley
6 Hannah Jones  (156)
7 Anne Weetman  (157)  4/3  Anne Weetman  Helen White  2/1
10 Harriet Allsebrook  (163)
15 Carol Griffiths  (168)  Helen White  3/2
2 Helen White  (149)  5/3


Ann Russell Rose Bowl Pro-Am competition was held at Bridgnorth Golf Club.

Winners of Ann Russell Rose Bowl:- Jayne Sandford and Angela Hinton.

This  small Pro-am event is held annually:-  This year 10 Professionals and 10 County Ladies took part.


Steve Russell, Paul Hinton, David Baker, Ricky Pharo, John Richards, Dan Francis, Jack Roberts, Sam Roberts, Noel Woodman, Kevin Hinton

SLCGA Ladies:

Ros Moor, Sally Gould,  Jayne Sandford,  Sheila Parker, Margaret Ratcliffe, Maxine Sennett, Angela Hinton, Olive Brown, Suzanne Shimmin, Vanessa Statham

ann-russell-rose-bowl-winners-2012-jayne-sandford-angela-hinton team-winners1 winning-professionals-john-richards-ricky-pharoh all-players1 results-1-2012

Jayne Sandford

Angel Hinton


Winning Team

Winning Professionals:

John Richards

Ricky Pharo

Players Ann Russell Rose Bowl Result sheet


Shrimpton / Hargrove Round 3 – Henlle

Shrimpton / Hargrove Round 3  was played at Henlle G.C. Results:-

Best Gross; Isabel Green 83, Runner Up; Vickie Bradbreer 84: 3rd: Jayne Sandford 85:

Best Nett; Millie Jones 88-17-71,  Runner Up; Harriet Allsebrook 85-12-73: 3rd Jayne Sandford 85-10 75:


All three rounds of the competetion have now been played. Counting the individual’s two best  scores from three rounds the winners of the trophies are as follows:-

SHRIMPTON CUP (Best Gross)  Winner; Tania Pearce:   Runner Up; Ros Moor

HARGROVE CUP (Best Nett)  Winner; Harriet Allesbrook:  Runner Up;  Millie Jones

henlle-001 henlle-002 henlle-003 henlle-004